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Lethbridge’s Professional Floor Cleaners

To keep your home or business’s floor in beautiful condition, the professionals at Bissett Cleaning offer prompt, dependable floor care and cleaning services. Our approach to floor care combines proven traditional cleaning methods with the latest in floor cleaning products and equipment. From floor waxing and stripping to general floor maintenance, we do it all. To schedule a floor cleaning appointment in Lethbridge and surrounding areas, contact us today!


Professional, Meticulous Approach to Floor Care

Your property’s floor puts up with a tremendous amount of traffic and friction. Even the most durable, well-installed floor will eventually begin to show signs of wear. The floor cleaning specialists at Bissett Cleaning offer floor care services. We arrive promptly at your location and are committed to safe and diligent workmanship on each work site. We have specialized methods and products for a variety of flooring types and can provide an incredibly effective clean without any damage to your floor. 

Floor Cleaning Routine, Including Floor Stripping, Waxing, and General Maintenance

Our exhaustive, all-encompassing approach to floor care involves the latest products and best methods. We use floor stripping materials that are highly powerful yet safe for your floor’s surface. We then apply top-quality wax to seal in the condition and appearance of your floor.

We also offer our commercial and residential clients general floor cleaning services, which include vacuuming and mopping. Our methods are specifically designed for floors of all materials.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Lethbridge, Taber and Raymond

Grout is a porous material that can’t be cleaned with regular mopping. The only way to restore your tile and grout to its former glory is to remove the dirt that’s buried deep within the material’s little holes with a professional clean. So, when you are ready to rejuvenate your home or business’s tiles, give Bissett Cleaning a call.

We use unique and customized methods to clean tile and grout on floors, counters and walls. We will begin the process by conducting a comprehensive inspection just to see the extent of the dirt. Once we have completed the assessment of the tile and grout that require cleaning, we will devise a unique strategy to maximize the effectiveness of our services.

Floor Care Made Easy

Our professionals bring their knowledge and expertise to clean, sanitize, and revitalize a variety of flooring types.

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